C H A P T E R  3

Infrastructure Components

The infrastructure components provide physical support, power, and cooling for the system. They include the chassis, eight power supplies with integrated fan modules, and the thirty-two rear fan modules.


The chassis is the physical enclosure that contains the system components. The chassis can accommodate corresponding front-to-back, rail-to-rail spacing of 26.77 inches (68.0 cm) to 34.25 inches (87.0 cm).

Sun Cooling Door 5600

The Sun Cooling Door 5600 is a 35kW cooling system for high-density heat loads that mounts on the rear of the Sun Blade 6048 chassis while allowing access to the back of it.

Room air is drawn in through the front of the rack, picks up heat from the servers, transfers the heat to the Sun Cooling Door 5600’s coil and is expelled through the rear of the rack or chassis. When the entering air temperature is 77˚F (25˚C) or lower, the Sun Cooling Door 5600 removes up to 35kW of heat generated by the components without raising the temperature of the air leaving the rack or chassis.

Sun Cooling Door 5200

The Sun Cooling Door 5200 is a highly efficient air-to-water heat exchanger. It is installed onto the rear of the Sun Blade 6048 chassis and has a high cooling capacity. Its slim design and proximity to the heat load provides considerable floor space savings. It is a 100-percent passive system, allowing for minimal operation and maintenance costs. The Sun Cooling Door 5200 requires front-to-back air flow routing. The server fans push the warm air exhausted from the devices in the server chassis/rack into the rear door heat exchanger. The air is then cooled and exhausted out of the Sun Cooling Door 5200. See FIGURE 3-1, Sun Cooling Door.

FIGURE 3-1 Sun Cooling Door 5200

Sun Cooling Door 5200