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Sun Blade 6048 Modular System

Site Planning Guide

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1.  Site Planning for the Sun Blade 6048 Modular System

Customer Obligations

System Configuration

Preparing the Site Before the System Arrives

Load-Bearing and Handling Precautions

Power and Electrical Requirements

Power Budgeting

Cooling Requirements

Temperature and Humidity Requirements

Airflow Requirements

Clearance for Service and Aisle Requirements

Route to the Data Center

Facility Safety

Secure Installation Requirements

Placement of an Oracle Product

Hazardous Conditions Precaution

System Specifications

Shipping Crate Physical Specifications

Chassis and Components Dimensions and Weights

AC Power Requirements

Environmental Specifications

Thermal Design Specifications

Acoustic Noise Emissions

Regulatory Compliance

Site Planning Checklist

A.  Conversion Information


Site Planning Checklist

Site Planning Checklist  organizes the site planning tasks into a checklist that you can use during the site planning process.

Table 1-9 Site Planning Checklist 

Yes__ No__
Have you determined the hardware configuration for each system?
Yes__ No__
Have you determined the type and number of cabinets and racks you need?
Yes__ No__
Have you determined how you will populate each rack?
Yes__ No__
Have you determined which external peripherals, such as terminals, monitors, keyboards, SCSI devices, and so forth, the systems require?
Yes__ No__
Does the data center environment meet the system specifications for temperature and humidity?
Yes__ No__
Have you determined the thermal load, heat dissipation, and air conditioning requirements of all equipment in the data center?
Yes__ No__
Can you maintain the data center environment when certain failures occur, such as power failure, air conditioning unit failure, or humidity control unit failure?
Yes__ No__
Is fire suppression and alarm equipment installed?
Yes__ No__
Have you determined the maximum power requirements of the systems?
Yes__ No__
Are you using two AC power sources to establish power grid redundancy?
Yes__ No__
Have you installed a modular power system, if required?
Yes__ No__
Do you have sufficient power receptacles and circuit breakers for each system and its peripherals?
Yes__ No__
Are the power receptacles within 13 feet (4m) of the racks?
Yes__ No__
Have you installed and labeled the circuit breakers?
Yes__ No__
Does the facility’s loading dock meet standard common carrier truck requirements? If not, have you made other arrangements for unloading the racks and systems, such as providing a fork lift?
Yes__ No__
Are pallet jacks or carts available to move the systems and racks from the loading dock to the computer room?
Yes__ No__
Will the equipment fit through the access route and into the computer room?
Yes__ No__
Have you calculated the weight of each rack with all the equipment installed within it?
Yes__ No__
Is the data center floor able to support the weight of the systems and racks?
Yes__ No__
Have you established where you will locate each rack on the data center floor?
Yes__ No__
Are the systems and racks positioned so that the heated exhaust air of one system does not enter the air inlet of another system?
Yes__ No__
Is there sufficient room around the racks for system access and maintenance?

Yes__ No__
Are there sufficient people available to unload, unpack, and install the systems into the racks?
Yes__ No__
Have system administrators and service technicians enrolled in appropriate training courses to upgrade their skills, as necessary?
Yes__ No__
Have you acquired all the hardware needed to set up the systems and racks?
Yes__ No__
Do you have the documents required to install the systems into the racks?