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Sun Storage J4200/J4400 Array Release Notes



Sun Storage J4200/J4400 Array Release Notes

Array Features

Features Unavailable in This Release

Management Software

Supported Operating Environments/Systems

Supported Servers and Workstations

Supported HBAs

HBAs Supported in Multipathing Configurations

Supported Hard Disk Drives for Multipathing With Solaris

Upgrading Firmware

Documentation Errata

Known Issues

J4200 Array Known Issues

Temperature of 60 Degrees C Does Not Cause Alert

J4400 Array Known Issues

Cascaded J4400 Arrays Return Incorrect PHY Port Data

J4200 and J4400 Arrays Known Issues

Top of SIM board Is Not Covered

Power Supply’s Goldfinger Connectors are Exposed

Service Management Port Reserved

One-Minute Delay for Link Active

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