Removing and Replacing a J4400 Array SIM Board

This document describes replacement procedures for the SAS Interface Module (SIM) customer replaceable unit (CRU) installed in the Sun Storage J4400 Array. This document assumes you have:

This product is intended for restricted access whereby access is controlled through the use of a means of security (for example, key, lock, tool, badge access) and personnel authorized for access have been instructed on the reasons for the restrictions and any precautions that need to be taken.

ESD Precautions

When performing this service action, observe the following electrostatic discharge (ESD) precautions:

SIM Board Components

caution icon Caution - Only trained service personnel should remove the covers on this equipment.

FIGURE 1 illustrates the location of the SIM board components and LEDs.

FIGURE 1 SIM Board Components and LEDs

Figure showing back view of SIM board.


Figure Legend


HOST OR SIM LINK IN--Outbound connection to a host, or inbound connection from another J4400 array.


HOST OUT--Outbound connection to a host.


SIM LINK OUT--SAS outbound connector through which data is sent to another J4400 array.


Serial Management Connector LED (green).


SER MGT--Serial Management Connector.


Serial Management Connector LED (amber).




HOST OR SIM LINK IN--Bottom LED (amber).


HOST OUT--Top LED (green).


HOST OUT--Bottom LED (amber).


SIM LINK OUT--Top LED (green).


SIM LINK OUT--Bottom LED (amber).


SIM Locate LED--Blue (OK to remove).


SIM Power/Fault LED--Green/amber.

Removing and Replacing a SIM Board

This section describes how to remove and replace a SIM board.

caution icon Caution - Potential loss of data access - Never remove a SIM board unless the SIM Locate LED is blue (see FIGURE 1).

Caution - Electrical Power Hazard -The power supplies in this equipment can produce high energy hazards. Only personnel with authorized access to this equipment should remove and replace modules in the system.

procedure icon  To Remove a SIM Board

1. From the back of the disk tray, locate the failed SIM. The SIM Locate LED is blue (see FIGURE 1).

2. Label and then disconnect the tray interface cables.

Use two hands to disconnect the SAS cable. Grasp the metal body of the connector with one hand and firmly grasp and pull the tab gently toward the connector body with the other, then pull the connector body outward to extract it from the bulkhead.

caution icon Caution - Do not twist or pull the tab in any direction other than parallel with the connector body or you might break the tab. If the tab breaks, use a small sharp object (such as a fine-tipped screwdriver) to lift the metal spring at the top of the connector shell to unlatch it.

3. Loosen the two extraction arm captive screws using your thumb and forefinger. If the captive screws are too tight to loosen by hand, use a #2 Phillips screwdriver to loosen each screw.

4. Pull each ejector tab outward and push to the sides to release and partially eject the SIM from the chassis (see FIGURE 2).

FIGURE 2 Removing a Failed SIM Board

Figure showing back view of J4200 and SIM removal action.

5. Grasp the middle of the SIM board and slide it out of the slot.

caution icon Caution - Use care when handling either the new or failed SIM board. Make sure all ESD precautions are being followed.

Note - The SIM boards are hot-swappable and you do not need to disconnect power from the system or other components in order to replace one of these components.

caution icon Caution - For products with multiple power cords, all power cords must be disconnected to completely remove power from the system.

procedure icon  To Replace a SIM Board

1. Unpack the new SIM board and do one of the following:

2. Pull the ejector arms to the full open position.

3. Align the new SIM board with the open slot and slide it into the tray until the ejector arms contact the tray connectors and begin to swing closed (see FIGURE 3).

FIGURE 3 Replacing a SIM Board

4. Simultaneously swing both ejector arms in until they are flush with the SIM board panel to seat the board.

5. Tighten both captive screws to secure the board.Figure showing back view of J4200 and SIM insertion action.

6. Reconnect the tray interface cables to their original locations.

procedure icon  To Verify and Complete the SIM Board Replacement

1. Wait approximately 60 seconds for the SIM board to complete its boot process, at which point ensure that the following is true:

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