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Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q1 Deployment Planning Guide 

List of Tables

Table 1 How This Book Is Organized
Table 2 Typographic Conventions
Table 3 Symbol Conventions
Table 4 Default Path and File Name
Table 5 Shell Prompts
Table 6 Books in This Documentation Set
Table 1-1 How Communications Services Benefit Your Organization
Table 2-1 Considerations for Total Cost of Ownership
Table 5-1 User Facing Logical Names
Table 5-2 Maintenance Level Logical Names
Table 5-3 Mapping of User Level to Maintenance Level Logical Names
Table 6-1 Designing Directory Server for High Availability
Table 8-1 Messaging Server Provisioning Mechanisms
Table 8-2 Calendar Server Provisioning Mechanisms
Table 10-1 Active Versus Inactive Messaging User
Table 10-2 Messaging Connections on Client Access Services
Table 11-1 High Access Messaging Server Directories
Table 13-1 Common MTA Security Threats
Table 13-2 Access Control Mapping Tables
Table 13-3 SASL Authentication User Access Protocols Support Matrix
Table 13-4 SSL Authentication Support Matrix
Table 15-1 Potential Port Number Conflicts
Table 15-2 Directory Server Installation Parameters
Table 15-3 Administration Server Initial Runtime Configuration Program Parameters
Table 15-4 Which Messaging Server Components to Configure?
Table 19-1 Calendar Server LDAP Attributes Affected by Delays
Table 20-1 Which Calendar Server Components to Configure?
Table 22-1 Instant Messaging Active Versus Inactive User
Table 22-2 Instant Messaging Client Connections
Table 22-3 Instant Messaging Server and Multiplexor Memory Disk Space Sizing for Concurrent Users
Table 22-4 Instant Messaging CPU Utilization Numbers
Table 24-1 Communications Services Installation Parameters
Table 26-1 Protocols And Ports Used by Basic Communications Express Deployment Architecture
Table 26-2 Protocols And Ports Used by Communications Express Remote Host Deployment Example
Table 28-1 Protocols And Ports Used by Single-tiered Deployment Example
Table 28-2 Protocols And Ports Used by Two-tiered Deployment Example

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