4 Software Installation Using Solaris 2.x

The Solaris 2.x version of the SBus Quad Ethernet Controller (SQEC) driver is bundled on the Solaris 2.3 or later OS CD which automatically installs the driver software when the OS is initially loaded.

4.1 Host File Configuration

Complete the host file configuration before you install the SQEC card. By creating and configuring the system files before installing the SQEC card, you will have to reboot your system only once.

To prepare your system for the SQEC card:

    1. Create an appropriate /etc/hostname.qeX file (where "X " refers to the SQEC channel number) for each SQEC Ethernet channel you plan to use.

    Channel numbers start from 0, so the first SQEC card in a system will have channels 0-1-2-3, the second SQEC card will have channels 4-5-6-7, and so on. Do not create /etc/hostname.qeX files for SQEC channels you plan to leave unused.

    The /etc/hostname.qeX file must contain the host name for the appropriate network interface.

    Following is an example of the /etc/hostname.qeX files required for a machine called zardoz that will be known as zardoz-11 and zardoz-12 on the nets connected to the qe0 and qe1 Ethernet interfaces.

zardoz# cat /etc/hostname.qe0 zardoz-11 zardoz# cat /etc/hostname.qe1 zardoz-12 --------------------------------
    2. Create an appropriate entry in the /etc/hosts file for each active SQEC channel. Using the example in step 1, you will have:
zardoz# cat /etc/hosts # # Internet host table # localhost zardoz loghost zardoz-11 zardoz-12 ----------------------------------

Once /etc/hostname.qeX files and /etc/hosts files are created/updated:

    3. Halt the system using the shutdown -i0 command.