FORTRAN 77 Language Reference

Printing Files

You get a print file by using the nonstandard FORM='PRINT' in OPEN. @

	OPEN ( ..., FORM='PRINT', ... )

This specifier works for sequential access files only.


A print file has the following features:

In general, if you open a file with FORM='PRINT', then for that file list-directed output does not provide the FORTRAN Standard blank in column one; otherwise, it does provide that blank. FORM='PRINT' is for one file per call.

If you open a file with FORM='PRINT', then that file has the same content as if it was opened with FORM='FORMATTED', and filtered with the output filter, asa.

If you compile with the -oldldo option (old list-directed output), then all the files written by the program do list-directed output without that blank in column one; otherwise, they all get that blank. The -oldldo option is global.

The INQUIRE Statement

The INQUIRE statement returns 'PRINT' in the FORM variable for logical units opened as print files. It returns -1 for the unit number of an unopened file.