FORTRAN 77 Language Reference


The short integer data type, INTEGER*2, holds a signed integer. An expression involving only objects of type INTEGER*2 is of that type. Using this feature may have adverse performance implications, and we do not recommend it.

Generic functions return short or long integers depending on the default integer type. If a procedure is compiled with the -i2 flag, all integer constants that fit and all variables of type INTEGER (no explicit size) are of type INTEGER*2. If the precision of an integer-valued intrinsic function is not determined by the generic function rules, one is chosen that returns the prevailing length (INTEGER*2) when the -i2 compilation option is in effect. With -i2, the default length of LOGICAL quantities is 2 bytes.

Ordinary integers follow the FORTRAN rules about occupying the same space as a REAL variable. They are assumed to be equivalent to the C type long int, and 2-byte integers are of C type short int. These short integer and logical quantities do not obey the standard rules for storage association.

An INTEGER*2 occupies 2 bytes.

INTEGER*2 is aligned on 2-byte boundaries.