FORTRAN 77 Language Reference

COMPLEX*16 Constants

A double-complex constant, COMPLEX*16, is an ordered pair of real or integer constants, where one of the constants is REAL*8, and the other is INTEGER, REAL*4, or REAL*8. @

The constants are separated by a comma, and the pair is enclosed in parentheses. The first constant is the real part, and the second is the imaginary part. A double-complex constant, COMPLEX*16, uses 16 bytes of storage.

Example: Double-complex constants:

( 9.01D6, .603 ) ( +1.0, -2.0D0 ) ( 1D0, 2 ) ( 4.51D6, ) Invalid-need second part ( +1.0, -2.0 ) Not DOUBLE COMPLEX-need a REAL*8