FORTRAN 77 Language Reference

Dollar $

The special edit descriptor $ suppresses the carriage return. @

The action does not depend on the first character of the format. It is used typically for console prompts. For instance, you can use this descriptor to make a typed response follow the output prompt on the same line. This edit descriptor is constrained by the same rules as the colon (:).

Example: The $ carriage control:

* dol1.f The $ edit descriptor with space 
	WRITE ( *, 2 ) 
2	FORMAT (' Enter the node number: ', $ ) 
	READ ( *, * ) NODENUM 

The above code produces a displayed prompt and user input response, such as:

Enter the node number:  82 

The first character of the format is printed out, in this case, a blank. For an input statement, the $ descriptor is ignored.