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Server-Side JavaScript Features

Chapter 11   Quick Start with the Sample Applications

This chapter describes the sample server-side JavaScript applications that ship with Netscape web servers. It introduces using server-side JavaScript by working with two of the simpler sample applications.

Chapter 12   Basics of Server-Side JavaScript

This chapter describes the basics of server-side JavaScript. It introduces server-side functionality and the differences between client-side and server-side JavaScript. The chapter describes how to embed server-side JavaScript in HTML files. It discusses what happens at runtime on the client and on the server, so that you can understand what to do when. The chapter describes how you use JavaScript to change the HTML page sent to the client and, finally, how to share information between the client and server processes.

Chapter 13   Session Management Service

This chapter describes the Session Management Service objects available in server-side JavaScript for sharing data among multiple client requests to an application, among multiple users of a single application, or even among multiple applications on a server.

Chapter 14   Other JavaScript Functionality

This chapter describes additional server-side JavaScript functionality you can use to send email messages from you application, access the server file system, include external libraries in your application, or directly manipulate client requests and client responses.

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