Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Configuring Users

You must declare user names before you define the share-based, functional, or override policies for users. See Configuring Policy-Based Resource Management With QMON.

If you do not want to explicitly declare user names before you define policies, the grid engine system can automatically create users for you, based on predefined default values. The automatic creation of users can significantly reduce the administrative burden for sites with many users.

To have the system create users automatically, set the Enforce User parameter on the Cluster Settings dialog box to Auto. To set default values for automatically created users, specify values for the following Automatic User Defaults on the Cluster Settings dialog box:

For more information about the cluster configuration, see Basic Cluster Configuration.

Configuring User Objects With QMON

On the QMON Main Control window, click the User Configuration button, and then click the User tab. The User tab looks like the following figure:

Dialog box titled User Configuration. Shows User tab with list
of users and User field. Shows Add, Modify, Delete, Tickets, Done, and Help buttons.

To add a new user, type a user name in the field above the User list, and then click Add or press the Return key.

To delete a user, select the user name in the User list, and then click Delete.

The Delete Time column is read-only. The column indicates the time at which automatically created users are to be deleted from the grid engine system. Zero indicates that the user will never be deleted.

You can assign a default project to each user. The default project is attached to each job that users submit, unless those users request another project to which they have access. For details about projects, see Defining Projects.

To assign a default project, select a user, and then click the Default Project column heading. A Project Selection dialog box appears.

Dialog box titled Select an Item. Shows Available Projects list
and Select a Project field. Shows OK, Cancel, and Help buttons.

Select a project for the highlighted user entry.

Click OK to assign the default project and close the dialog box. Click Cancel to close the dialog box without assigning the default project.

Configuring User Objects From the Command Line

To configure user objects from the command line, type the following command with appropriate options:

# qconf options

The following options are available: