Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

ProcedureHow to Create User-Based, Project-Based, and Department-Based Functional Scheduling

Use this setup to create a certain share assignment of all the resources in the cluster to different users, projects, or departments. First-come, first-served scheduling is used among jobs of the same user, project, or department.

  1. In the Scheduler Configuration dialog box, select the Share Functional Tickets check box.

    See Sharing Functional Ticket Shares, and the sched_conf(5) man page.

  2. Specify the number of functional tickets (for example, 1000000) in the scheduler configuration.

    See Configuring Policy-Based Resource Management With QMON, and the sched_conf(5) man page.

  3. Add scheduling-relevant items:

  4. Assign functional shares to each user, project, or department.

    See Configuring User Access Lists With QMON, and the access_list(5) man page.

    Assign the shares as a percentage of the whole. Examples follow:

    For users:

    • UserA (10)

    • UserB (20)

    • UserC (20)

    • UserD (20)

    For projects:

    • ProjectA (55)

    • ProjectB (45)

    For departments:

    • DepartmentA (90)

    • DepartmentB (5)

    • DepartmentC (5)