Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Defining Resource Attributes

To define the resource attributes to associate with the host , click the Consumables/Fixed Attributes tab.

Dialog box titled Add/Modify Exec Host. Shows
Consumables/Fixed Attributes tab with table of attributes. Shows Ok
and Cancel buttons.

The resource attributes associated with the host are listed in the Consumables/Fixed Attributes table.

Use the Complex Configuration dialog box if you need more information about the current complex configuration, or if you want to modify it. For details about complex resource attributes, see Complex Resource Attributes.

The Consumables/Fixed Attributes table lists all resource attributes for which a value is currently defined. You can enhance the list by clicking either the Name or the Value column name. The Attribute Selection dialog box appears, which includes all resource attributes that are defined in the complex.

Figure 1–2 Attribute Selection Dialog Box

Dialog box titled Select an Item. Shows list
of available attributes and selection text box. Shows OK, Cancel,
and Help buttons.

To add an attribute to the Consumables/Fixed Attributes table, select the attribute, and then click OK.

To modify an attribute value, double-click a Value field, and then type a value.

To delete an attribute, select the attribute, and then press Control-D or click mouse button 3. Click OK to confirm that you want to delete the attribute.