Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Killing Daemons From the Command Line

To kill grid engine system daemons from the command line, use one of the following commands:

% qconf -ke[j] {hostname,... | all}
% qconf -ks
% qconf -km

You must have manager or operator privileges to use these commands. See Chapter 4, Managing User Access for more information about manager and operator privileges.

If you want to wait for any active jobs to finish before you run the shutdown procedure, use the qmod -dq command for each cluster queue, queue instance, or queue domain before you run the qconf sequence described earlier. For information about cluster queues, queue instances, and queue domains, see Configuring Queues.

% qmod -dq {cluster-queue | queue-instance | queue-domain}

The qmod -dq command prevents new jobs from being scheduled to the disabled queue instances. You should then wait until no jobs are running in the queue instances before you kill the daemons.