Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Deleting Outdated Records With dbwriter

To delete outdated records in the reporting database, you must specify a deletion rule in the delete tag. The following table lists the attributes of the delete tag:




The type of data to delete. Valid entries are the following:

  • job

  • job_log

  • share_log

  • host_values

  • queue_values

  • project_values

  • department_values

  • user_values

  • group_values


The unit of time_amount:


Number of units (time_range) during which a record is to be kept.

The following table lists a subelement of the delete tag:


For certain scopes, a subscope can be configured. The subscope specifies an additional condition for deletion. A subscope can be configured for all *_values scopes and for the share_log scope.

If a subscope is configured for a *_values rule, it contains a list of variables to delete, separated by spaces.

If a subscope is specified for the share_log, it contains a list of share-tree nodes to delete, separated by spaces.

If subscope are used, you should always have a fallback rule without subscope, which will delete all objects that are not explicitly named by the subscope.

Here is an example of a delete tag:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <!-- keep host values for 2 years -->
  <delete scope="host_values" time_range="year" time_amount="2"/>

  <!-- keep queue values one month -->
  <delete scope="queue_values" time_range="month" time_amount="1">