Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

ProcedureHow to Restore from a Backup

Before You Begin

Shutdown the qmaster daemon before you start the restore process.The spooling database will be changed during restore which might lead to dataloss, if restore and qmaster are trying to access the same data.

  1. Type the following command to start the restore process:

    inst_sge -rst 
  2. Read the messages on the screen and respond.

    SGE Configuration Restore
    This feature restores the configuration from a backup you made
    Hit, <ENTER> to continue!
  3. Enter the <sge-root> directory or use the default.

    Please enter your SGE_ROOT directory.
    Default: [/home/user/ts/u10]
  4. Enter the <sge-cell> name or use the default.

    Please enter your SGE_CELL name. Default: [default]
  5. Confirm the backup file format.

    The backup file can be in a format other than a compressed tar file.

    Is your backupfile in tar.gz[Z] format? (y/n) [y]
  6. Enter the full path to the backup file.

    Please enter the full path and name of your backup file.
    Default: [/home/user/ts/u10/backup/backup.tar.gz]
  7. Verify the spooling database information.

    The restore feature unpacks the backup file, and reads system information. To prevent data loss, you need to conform that the correct spooling database is detected.

    Copying backupfile to /tmp/bup_tmp_22_51_40
    Spooling Method: berkeleydb detected!
    The path to your spooling db is [/tmp/dom/spooldb]
    If this is correct hit <ENTER> to continue, else enter the path. >>
  8. Restart qmaster.