Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

ProcedureHow to Perform a Manual Backup

  1. Type the following command to start a manual backup:

    inst_sge -bup
  2. Enter the <sge-root> directory or use the default.

    SGE Configuration Backup
    This feature does a backup of all configuration you made
    within your cluster.
    Please enter your SGE_ROOT directory.
    Default: [/home/user/ts/u10]
  3. Enter the <sge-cell> name or use the default.

    Please enter your SGE_CELL name. Default: [default]
  4. Enter the backup destination directory or use the default.

    Where do you want to save the backupfiles?
    Default: [/home/user/ts/u10/backup]
  5. Choose whether to create a compressed tar backup file.

    If you are using different tar versions (gnu tar/ solaris tar), this option can make some trouble. In some cases the tar packages may be corrupt. Using the same tar binary for packing and unpacking works without problems.

    Shall the backup function create a compressed tarpackage with your files? (y/n) [y] >>
  6. Enter file name of backup file, default is given.

    ... starting with backup
    Please enter a filename for your backupfile. Default: [backup.tar] >>
  7. Backup will be perfomed, info output is printed.

    ... backup completed
    All information is saved in