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Oracle Server Management Agents 2.1 User's Guide
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Oracle Server Management Agents 2. 1 User's Guide Overview

Oracle Hardware Management Agents

Installing Components Using the Oracle Hardware Management Pack Installer

Getting Started


Installation Issues

Getting the Software

Installing Hardware Management Pack Components Using Installer

Configuring Hardware Management Agent and Hardware SNMP Plugins

Hardware Management Agent Configuration File

Configuring the Hardware Management Agent Logging Level

How to Configure the Hardware Management Agent Logging Level

(Solaris and Linux) Hardware Management Agent Runtime Options

Configuring your Host Operating System's SNMP

(Solaris and Linux ) Configuring Net-SNMP/SMA

(Windows) Configuring SNMP

Oracle Hardware SNMP Plugins

Overview of Oracle HW Monitoring MIB

Overview of Oracle HW Trap MIB

Overview of Oracle Storage MIB

Working With Management Agents

Retrieving and Setting Information Through SNMP







Generating SNMP Traps

Troubleshooting Management Agents

General Management Agents Troubleshooting

Solaris Operating System Troubleshooting

Linux Troubleshooting

Hardware Management Agent Service Fails to Start

How to Solve Issues With IPMI Device Drivers

Hardware Management Agent Service Status Dead

How to Solve Issues with IPMI Device Drivers

No Disk Information is Shown in the ILOM CLI

How to Solve Issues with IPMI Device Drivers


No Disk Information is Shown in the ILOM CLI

After installing and starting Storage Management Agent, there is no disk information shown in the ILOM CLI. In addition, there may be the following line in the Storage Management Agent log file:

Failed to get status from SP, error code = 1

This problem is can occur because IPMI device drivers have not been installed. It is also possible that a supported ILOM version is not installed on the service processor.

How to Solve Issues with IPMI Device Drivers

  1. Install an IPMI system such as OpenIPMI which provides device drivers for full access to IPMI information.
  2. Start the Storage Management Agent.