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Managing Boot Environments With Oracle Solaris 11 Express     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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Document Information

1.  Introduction to Boot Environments

2.  Using beadm Utility (Tasks)

3.  beadm Zones Support

Zones Support Limitations

Zones Support Specifications

Zones Naming Conventions

Additional Resources

4.  Appendix: beadm Reference

Zones Support Specifications

The beadm command impacts the non-global zones in your boot environments as follows.

beadm create

When you clone a boot environment by using the beadm create command, all supported zones in that boot environment are copied into the new boot environment.

beadm destroy

When you destroy an inactive boot environment, the zones that belong to that boot environment are also destroyed.

beadm mount

When you mount a boot environment, the supported zones in that environment are mounted relative to the mount points for the environment.

beadm unmount

When you unmount a boot environment, the zones in that environment are also unmounted. All mount points are returned to their states prior to being mounted.

beadm rename

When you rename a boot environment, that change does not impact the names of the zones or the names of the datasets that are used for those zones in that boot environment. The change does not impact the relationships between the zones and their related boot environments.