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Oracle Solaris 11 Express Automated Installer Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Automated Installer Overview

2.  Setting Up an AI Install Server

3.  Customizing Installations

4.  Specifying Installation Instructions

5.  Configuring the Client System

6.  Setting Up DHCP for AI

Oracle Solaris DHCP for AI

Set Up a DHCP Server on the AI Install Server

Set Up a Separate DHCP Server

Configure an Existing DHCP Server for AI

Configure the Netmasks Table

Initialize the DHCP Server Service

Add Network Information Macros and Tables

Create and Add a DHCP Macro for AI

Assign Client IP Addresses

Give the Client a DHCP Lease

Provision the DHCP Lease

Check That the Lease Is There

Provision the Macro

Check That the New Macro Is in the Table


Basic Network Configuration

DNS Configuration

Boot Server and Boot File Configuration

PXE Boot Class

SPARC Boot Class

Sample Configuration File

7.  Installing Client Systems

8.  Automated Installations That Boot From Media

A.  Troubleshooting Automated Installations

B.  Automated Installer Installation Administration Commands

C.  Migrating From JumpStart to Automated Installer

Chapter 6

Setting Up DHCP for AI

AI uses DHCP to provide the IP address, subnet mask, router, DNS server, and location of a boot image to the client machine to be installed.