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System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris Zones, Oracle Solaris 10 Containers, and Resource Management     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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Part I Oracle Solaris Resource Management

1.  Introduction to Resource Management

2.  Projects and Tasks (Overview)

3.  Administering Projects and Tasks

4.  Extended Accounting (Overview)

5.  Administering Extended Accounting (Tasks)

6.  Resource Controls (Overview)

7.  Administering Resource Controls (Tasks)

8.  Fair Share Scheduler (Overview)

9.  Administering the Fair Share Scheduler (Tasks)

10.  Physical Memory Control Using the Resource Capping Daemon (Overview)

11.  Administering the Resource Capping Daemon (Tasks)

12.  Resource Pools (Overview)

13.  Creating and Administering Resource Pools (Tasks)

14.  Resource Management Configuration Example

Part II Oracle Solaris Zones

15.  Introduction to Oracle Solaris Zones

16.  Non-Global Zone Configuration (Overview)

17.  Planning and Configuring Non-Global Zones (Tasks)

18.  About Installing, Halting, Uninstalling, and Cloning Non-Global Zones (Overview)

19.  Installing, Booting, Halting, Uninstalling, and Cloning Non-Global Zones (Tasks)

20.  Non-Global Zone Login (Overview)

21.  Logging In to Non-Global Zones (Tasks)

Initial Zone Boot and Zone Login Procedures (Task Map)

Performing the Initial Internal Zone Configuration

How to Log In to the Zone Console to Perform the Internal Zone Configuration

How to Use an /etc/sysidcfg File to Perform the Initial Zone Configuration

Logging In to a Zone

How to Log In to the Zone Console

How to Use Interactive Mode to Access a Zone

How to Use Non-Interactive Mode to Access a Zone

How to Exit a Non-Global Zone

How to Use Failsafe Mode to Enter a Zone

How to Use zlogin to Shut Down a Zone

Switching the Zone to a Different Networking Service Configuration or Enabling a Service

How to Switch the Zone to the Open Networking Service Configuration

How to Enable a Specific Service in a Zone

Printing the Name of the Current Zone

22.  Moving and Migrating Non-Global Zones (Tasks)

23.  About Packages on an Oracle Solaris 11 Express System With Zones Installed

24.  Oracle Solaris Zones Administration (Overview)

25.  Administering Oracle Solaris Zones (Tasks)

26.  Troubleshooting Miscellaneous Oracle Solaris Zones Problems

Part III Oracle Solaris 10 Zones

27.  Introduction to Oracle Solaris 10 Zones

28.  Assessing an Oracle Solaris 10 System and Creating an Archive

29.  (Optional) Migrating an Oracle Solaris 10 native Non-Global Zone Into an Oracle Solaris 10 Container

30.  Configuring the solaris10 Branded Zone

31.  Installing the solaris10 Branded Zone

32.  Booting a Zone and Zone Migration

33.  solaris10 Branded Zone Login and Post-Installation Configuration



Initial Zone Boot and Zone Login Procedures (Task Map)

For Instructions
Perform the internal configuration.
Log in to the zone console or use an /etc/sysidcfg file to perform the initial zone configuration.
Log in to the zone.
You can log into a zone through the console, by using interactive mode to allocate a pseudo-terminal, or by supplying a command to be run in the zone. Supplying a command to be run does not allocate a pseudo-terminal. You can also log in by using failsafe mode when a connection to the zone is denied.
Exit a non-global zone.
Disconnect from a non-global zone.
Shut down a zone.
Shut down a zone by using the shutdown utility or a script.
Print the zone name.
Print the zone name of the current zone.