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Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Labels in Trusted Extensions Software (Overview)

2.  Planning Labels in Trusted Extensions(Tasks)

3.  Creating a Label Encodings File (Tasks)

4.  Labeling Printer Output (Tasks)

5.  Customizing the LOCAL DEFINITIONS Section (Tasks)

6.  Planning an Organization's Encodings File (Example)

Identifying the Site's Label Requirements

Satisfying Information Protection Goals

Trusted Extensions Features That Address Labeling and Access

Climbing the Security Learning Curve

Analyzing the Requirements for Each Label




Names of Groups With NEED_TO_KNOW Label

Understanding the Set of Labels

Defining the Set of Labels

Planning the Classifications

Planning the Compartments

Planning the Use of Words in MAC

Planning the Use of Words in Labeling System Output

Planning Unlabeled Printer Output

Planning for Supporting Procedures

Rules for Protecting a REGISTERED File or Directory

Rules for Configuring Printers

Rules for Handling Printer Output

Planning the Classification Values in a Worksheet

Planning the Compartment Values and Combination Constraints in a Worksheet

Planning the Clearances in a Worksheet

Planning the Printer Banners in a Worksheet

Planning the Channels in a Worksheet

Planning the Minimum Labels in an Accreditation Range

Planning the Colors in a Worksheet

Editing and Installing the label_encodings File

Specifying the Version

Specifying the Classifications

Specifying the Sensitivity Labels

Specifying the Information Labels

Specifying the Clearances

Specifying the Channels

Specifying the Printer Banners

Specifying the Accreditation Range

Specifying the Local Definitions

Specifying the Default User Labels

Specifying the Column Headings in Label Builders

Specifying the Color Names

Configuring Users and Printers for Labels

A.  Encodings File for SecCompany (Example)


Climbing the Security Learning Curve

The manager in charge of information protection identifies an experienced administrator with the following qualifications:

That person is assigned the job of security administrator.

Long before installing Trusted Extensions software, the security administrator starts to learn about security and to prepare a plan for the site's security policy. First, the security administrator reads the following documents:

Then, the security administrator starts with a plan for the site's labels. The planning process is described in the following sections.