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Programming Interfaces Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Memory and CPU Management

Memory Management Interfaces

Creating and Using Mappings

Removing Mappings

Cache Control

Using mincore

Using mlock and munlock

Using mlockall and munlockall

Using msync

Library-Level Dynamic Memory

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Dynamic Memory Debugging

check -access

check -leaks [-frames n] [-match m]

check -memuse [-frames n] [-match m]

check -all [-frames n] [-match m]

check [funcs] [files] [loadobjects]

Other Memory Control Interfaces

Using sysconf

Using mprotect

Using brk and sbrk

CPU Performance Counters

API Additions to libcpc

Initialization Interfaces

Hardware Query Interfaces

Configuration Interfaces



Buffer Operations

Activation Interfaces

Error Handling Interfaces

2.  Remote Shared Memory API for Solaris Clusters

3.  Session Description Protocol API

4.  Process Scheduler

5.  Locality Group APIs

6.  Input/Output Interfaces

7.  Interprocess Communication

8.  Socket Interfaces

9.  Programming With XTI and TLI

10.  Packet Filtering Hooks

11.  Transport Selection and Name-to-Address Mapping

12.  Real-time Programming and Administration

13.  The Solaris ABI and ABI Tools

A.  UNIX Domain Sockets


Chapter 1

Memory and CPU Management

This chapter describes an application developer's view of virtual memory and CPU management in the Solaris operating system.