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Application Packaging Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Designing a Package

Image Packaging System (IPS) Packages

Where to Find Packaging Tasks

What Are Packages?

Package Components

Required Package Components

Optional Package Components

Package Information Files

Package Installation Scripts

Considerations Before Building a Package

Make Packages Remotely Installable

Optimize for Client-Server Configurations

Package by Functional Boundaries

Package Along Royalty Boundaries

Package by System Dependencies

Eliminate Overlap in Packages

Package Along Localization Boundaries

Packaging Commands, Files, and Scripts

2.  Building a Package

3.  Enhancing the Functionality of a Package (Tasks)

4.  Verifying and Transferring a Package

5.  Case Studies of Package Creation

6.  Advanced Techniques for Creating Packages



Packaging Commands, Files, and Scripts

This section describes the commands, files, and scripts that you might use when manipulating packages. They are described in man pages and in detail throughout this book, in relation to the specific task they perform.

The following table shows the commands to help you build, verify, install, and obtain information about a package.

Table 1-1 Packaging Commands

Command/ man Page
For More Information
Create packages
Generates a prototype file for input to the pkgmk command
Creates an installable package
Install, remove, and transfer packages
Installs a software package onto a system
Stores answers to a request script
Copies packages onto a distribution medium
Removes a package from a system
Obtain information about packages
Verifies the integrity of a software package
Displays software package information
Displays package parameter values
Modify installed packages
Incorporates a new package object into an already installed package
Removes a package object from an already installed package

The following table shows the information files that help you build a package.

Table 1-2 Package Information Files

For More Information
Package installation defaults file
Package compatibility file
Package copyright information file
Package dependencies file
Package characteristics file
Package contents description file
Package information file
Package disk space requirements file

The following table describes optional installation scripts that you can write that affect if and how a package is installed.

Table 1-3 Package Installation Scripts

For More Information
Solicits information from the installer
Gathers file system data
Performs any custom installation requirements before class installation
Performs any custom installation requirements after all volumes are installed
Performs any custom removal requirements before class removal
Performs any custom removal requirements after all classes have been removed
Class action
Performs a series of actions on a specific group of objects