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Oracle® Communications Marketing and Advertising Integration Guide
Release 5.1

Part Number E20559-01
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7 Integrating with Oracle Business Activity Monitoring

Oracle Communications Marketing and Advertising can be set up to deliver real-time event data to Oracle Business and Activity Monitoring (BAM).


Marketing and Advertising servers continuously record basic information about their status through an internal event mechanism. An event is fired at designated times as the server functions, for example, whenever a request crosses module boundaries, specific methods are called, or exceptions are thrown. This event information is sent to the EDR Service, where it is processed using an XML-based filter, which separates them into types. The filters can also be used to transform the data in the original event, including adding other useful information.

Out of the box, there are three filters that produce three distinct types of data: Event Data Records, Charging Data Records, and Alarms. When the information has been processed by the filters, it is delivered to type-specific listeners. To communicate with Oracle BAM, Marketing and Advertising delivers a special version of the Charging Data Record modified for this purpose to an internal EDR listener which then publishes it to a JMS topic on a JMS server accessible to both it and Oracle BAM. These records describe both "Ad Served" and "Ad Impression" events. See Figure 7-1.

Figure 7-1 Publishing to JMS Topic

Flow from OCMA to BAM
Description of "Figure 7-1 Publishing to JMS Topic"

Both Marketing and Advertising and Oracle BAM must be configured to communicate with this JMS server. These instructions cover only the Marketing and Advertising part of the process.

Configuring the Connection

Setting up Marketing and Advertising for delivering event information is done using the Administration console. For complete information see the BAM section of "Configuring the Web Application" in System Administrator's Guide, another document in this set.


The JMS topic JNDI name and JMS Connection Factory JNDI name values entered for the Marketing and Advertising and the Oracle BAM configurations must be identical.

JMS Message Content

Messages delivered to the JMS topic are of type javax.jmsTextMessage and are enclosed in a <MultiMessage> element with individual messages enclosed in a <PRE> element. Each individual message corresponds to a single Ad Impression or Ad Served event and is organized as key/value pairs:


The following information is sent: