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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Deployment Planning Guide 11g Release 1 (
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Part I Overview of Deployment Planning for Directory Server Enterprise Edition

1.  Introduction to Deployment Planning for Directory Server Enterprise Edition

2.  Business Analysis for Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Part II Technical Requirements

3.  Usage Analysis for Directory Server Enterprise Edition

4.  Defining Data Characteristics

5.  Defining Service Level Agreements

6.  Tuning System Characteristics and Hardware Sizing

7.  Identifying Security Requirements

Security Threats

Overview of Security Methods

Determining Authentication Methods

Anonymous Access

Simple Password Authentication

Simple Password Authentication Over a Secure Connection

Certificate-Based Client Authentication

SASL-Based Client Authentication

Preventing Authentication by Account Inactivation

Preventing Authentication by Using Global Account Lockout

External Authentication Mappings and Services

Proxy Authorization

Designing Password Policies

Password Policy Options

Password Policies in a Replicated Environment

Password Policy Migration

Password Synchronization With Windows

Determining Encryption Methods

Securing Connections With SSL

Encrypting Stored Attributes

What Is Attribute Encryption?

Attribute Encryption Implementation

Attribute Encryption and Performance

Designing Access Control With ACIs

Default ACIs

ACI Scope

Obtaining Effective Rights Information

Tips on Using ACIs

Designing Access Control With Connection Rules

Designing Access Control With Directory Proxy Server

How Connection Handlers Work

Grouping Entries Securely

Using Roles Securely

Using CoS Securely

Using Firewalls

Running as Non-Root

Other Security Resources

8.  Identifying Administration and Monitoring Requirements

Part III Logical Design

9.  Designing a Basic Deployment

10.  Designing a Scaled Deployment

11.  Designing a Global Deployment

12.  Designing a Highly Available Deployment

Part IV Advanced Deployment Topics

13.  Using LDAP-Based Naming With Solaris

14.  Deploying a Virtual Directory

15.  Designing a Deployment With Synchronized Data


Designing Password Policies

A password policy is a set of rules that govern how passwords are administered in a system. Directory Server supports multiple password policies, as well as a default password policy.

Several elements of the password policy are configurable, enabling you to design a policy that suits the security requirements of your organization. Configuration of the password policy is described in Chapter 7, Directory Server Password Policy, in Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Administration Guide. The individual attributes available for configuring password policies are described in the pwpolicy(5dssd) man page.

This section is divided into the following topics:

Password Policy Options

The following password policy options are provided:

Password Policies in a Replicated Environment

Configuration information for the default password policy is not replicated. Instead, it is part of the server instance configuration. If you modify the default password policy, the same modifications must be made on each server in the topology. If you need a password policy that is replicated, you must define a specialized password policy under a part of the directory tree that is replicated.

All password information that is stored in the user entry is replicated. This information includes the current password, password history, password expiration dates and so forth.

Consider the following impact of password policies in a replicated environment:

Password Policy Migration

The Directory Server Enterprise Edition password policy configuration settings differ from the password policy configuration settings provided with the 5.2 version of Directory Server. If your topology includes servers that run different versions of Directory Server, see Password Policy in Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Upgrade and Migration Guide for information about how to migrate password policy settings.