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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Reference 11 g Release 1 (
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Document Information


1.  Directory Server Enterprise Edition File Reference

Software Layout for Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Directory Server Instance Default Layout

Directory Proxy Server Instance Default Layout

Part I Directory Server Reference

2.  Directory Server Overview

3.  Directory Server LDAP URLs

4.  Directory Server LDIF and Search Filters

5.  Directory Server Security

6.  Directory Server Monitoring

7.  Directory Server Replication

8.  Directory Server Data Caching

Caches and How Directory Server Uses Them

Types of Cache

Database Cache

Entry Cache

Import Cache

File System Cache

Total Aggregate Cache Size

How Directory Server Performs Searches by Using Cache

How Directory Server Performs Base Searches

How Directory Server Performs Subtree and One-Level Searches

How Directory Server Performs Updates by Using the Cache

How Directory Server Initializes a Suffix by Using the Cache

9.  Directory Server Indexing

10.  Directory Server Logging

11.  Directory Server Groups and Roles

12.  Directory Server Class of Service

13.  Directory Server DSMLv2

14.  Directory Server Internationalization Support

Part II Directory Proxy Server Reference

15.  Directory Proxy Server Overview

16.  Directory Proxy Server Load Balancing and Client Affinity

17.  Directory Proxy Server Distribution

18.  Directory Proxy Server Virtualization

19.  Connections Between Directory Proxy Server and Backend LDAP Servers

20.  Connections Between Clients and Directory Proxy Server

21.  Directory Proxy Server Client Authentication

22.  Security in Directory Proxy Server

23.  Directory Proxy Server Logging

24.  Directory Proxy Server Alerts and Monitoring


Chapter 8

Directory Server Data Caching

For fast response time to client requests, Directory Server caches directory information in memory. If you must have top Directory Server performance, but cannot fit all directory data in available memory, you can tune cache settings to optimize performance.

This chapter covers what cache is.