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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Reference 11 g Release 1 (
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1.  Directory Server Enterprise Edition File Reference

Software Layout for Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Directory Server Instance Default Layout

Directory Proxy Server Instance Default Layout

Part I Directory Server Reference

2.  Directory Server Overview

3.  Directory Server LDAP URLs

4.  Directory Server LDIF and Search Filters

LDIF File Format

Continuing Lines in LDIF

Binary Data in LDIF

Representing Binary Data by Using Standard LDIF Notation

Representing Binary Data by Using the ldapmodify -b Command

Representing Binary Data by Using Base 64 Encoding

Directory Entries in LDIF

Organization Entries in LDIF

Organizational Unit Entries in LDIF

Organizational Person Entries in LDIF

Guidelines for Defining Directories by Using LDIF

Storing Information in Multiple Languages

Guidelines for Providing LDIF Input

Terminating LDIF Input on the Command Line

Using Special Characters

Using Attribute OIDs

Schema Checking

Ordering of LDIF Entries

Managing Large Entries

Error Handling

Searching the Directory

Searching the Directory With ldapsearch

ldapsearch Command-Line Format

Using Special Characters

ldapsearch Examples

Returning All Entries

Specifying Search Filters on the Command Line

Searching the Root DSE Entry

Searching the Schema Entry


Displaying Subsets of Attributes

Searching Multi-Valued Attributes

Using Client Authentication When Searching

LDAP Search Filters

Search Filter Syntax

Using Attributes in Search Filters

Using Operators in Search Filters

Using OIDs in Search Filters

Using Compound Search Filters

Specifying Search Filters Using a File

Specifying Non 7-Bit ASCII Characters in Search Filters

Search Filter Examples

Searching for Operational Attributes

5.  Directory Server Security

6.  Directory Server Monitoring

7.  Directory Server Replication

8.  Directory Server Data Caching

9.  Directory Server Indexing

10.  Directory Server Logging

11.  Directory Server Groups and Roles

12.  Directory Server Class of Service

13.  Directory Server DSMLv2

14.  Directory Server Internationalization Support

Part II Directory Proxy Server Reference

15.  Directory Proxy Server Overview

16.  Directory Proxy Server Load Balancing and Client Affinity

17.  Directory Proxy Server Distribution

18.  Directory Proxy Server Virtualization

19.  Connections Between Directory Proxy Server and Backend LDAP Servers

20.  Connections Between Clients and Directory Proxy Server

21.  Directory Proxy Server Client Authentication

22.  Security in Directory Proxy Server

23.  Directory Proxy Server Logging

24.  Directory Proxy Server Alerts and Monitoring


Chapter 4

Directory Server LDIF and Search Filters

Directory Server uses the LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) to describe a directory and its entries in text format. LDIF can be used to build the initial directory database or to add large numbers of entries to a directory. LDIF can also be used to describe changes to directory entries. Most command-line utilities rely on LDIF for input or output.

All directory data is stored by using the UTF-8 encoding of Unicode, and, therefore, LDIF files must also be UTF-8 encoded.

This chapter also provides information about searching the directory, and LDAP search filters.

For information about LDIF and searching the directory, see the following sections: