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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Evaluation Guide 11 g Release 1 (
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1.  Overview of Directory Server Enterprise Edition

2.  Service Manageability

3.  High Data Availability and Integrity

4.  Tuned for Performance

5.  Enhanced Security

6.  Managed Scalability

Load Balancing and Operation-Based Routing

DN and Attribute Rewriting

Customizable Data Distribution for Faster Writes

Where to Go From Here

7.  Virtual Directory

8.  Synchronizing Directory Server With Windows Users and Groups

A.  Standards and RFCs Supported by Directory Server Enterprise Edition

DN and Attribute Rewriting

You can configure Directory Proxy Server to automatically modify the DN, attribute types, and attribute values of entries. A client application view of an entry can thus be significantly different from what is stored in the directory.

DN rewriting is supported for the following operations on one DN:

DN rewriting is also supported for the search operation base and the result entry DNs.

See Creating and Configuring Data Views for Example Use Cases in Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Administration Guide for example configurations using command-line tools.