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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Evaluation Guide 11 g Release 1 (
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1.  Overview of Directory Server Enterprise Edition

2.  Service Manageability

3.  High Data Availability and Integrity

Robust Replication

Unlimited Masters for Replication

Prioritized Replication

Replicated Account Lockout Attributes

Monitoring Replication Convergence

Importing Many Entries to Large Replicated Suffixes

Synchronized Backup and Export

Compacting Database Files

File System Snapshot of Frozen Database

Changing Attributes While the Server Is Online

To Change the Data Directory Path With the Server Online

Attribute Syntax Validation on Update

Schema Validation by Directory Proxy Server

Where to Go From Here

4.  Tuned for Performance

5.  Enhanced Security

6.  Managed Scalability

7.  Virtual Directory

8.  Synchronizing Directory Server With Windows Users and Groups

A.  Standards and RFCs Supported by Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Where to Go From Here

To read more about the features presented in this chapter, refer to the following documentation.

Designing a highly available deployment
Backing up and restoring directory data
Using a global retro changelog
Using global account lockout
Making a file system snapshot when the database is in frozen mode
Checking valid attribute syntax on update