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Oracle® Server CLI Tools User's Guide
Oracle Technology Network
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Document Information

Using This Documentation

Documentation and Feedback

About This Documentation

Change History

Oracle Server CLI Tools Overview

CLI Tools Command Syntax and Conventions

Using the biosconfig Tool

Using the ubiosconfig Tool

Using the fwupdate Tool

Using the raidconfig Tool

Using the ilomconfig Tool

Using the hwmgmtcli Tool

Using the zoningcli Tool

Using ipmitool for Windows

CLI Tools Error Codes


Using This Documentation

This section describes product information, documentation and feedback, and a document change history.

Documentation and Feedback

The following documentation is available related to the Oracle Hardware Management Pack.

All Oracle products
Oracle Hardware Management Pack
Oracle ILOM

Provide feedback on this documentation at:

About This Documentation

This documentation is available in both PDF and HTML and relates to software version 2.2.x. If there are any differences between software versions, they are noted. The information is presented in topic-based format (similar to online help) and therefore does not include chapters, appendixes, or section numbering.

You can get a PDF that includes all information about a particular topic subject (such as hardware installation or product notes) by clicking the PDF button in the upper left corner of the page.

Change History

The following changes have been made to the document..