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Oracle® Enterprise Data Quality for Product Data COM API Interface Guide
Release 5.6.2

Part Number E23724-02
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5 Error Handling

Client-Side Exceptions

All of the Oracle DataLens objects keep track of the error state. This includes the API objects and the Oracle DataLens objects that return collections of data. Simply add the following check:

If oSilverCreekObject.IsError Then
' Process the error in
  ' oSilverCreekObject.errorMsg
End If

Server-Side Exceptions

Most of the server-side errors are propagated back to the client where they can be checked for and reported on.

Server-Side Log Messages

Go to the Oracle DataLens Server Administration Web Pages and examine the log file from the home page. This will have a listing of any errors that were encountered in the server-side processing of your request.

DSAs can be checked with the Oracle DataLens Server Administration Web Pages for status. If there is a problem, then the Job ID, DSA name, and DSA Step where the error occurred is listed, with the complete error message.