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Oracle® Enterprise Data Quality for Product Data COM API Interface Guide
Release 5.6.2

Part Number E23724-02
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2 System and Server

The Oracle DataLens Server object has information on all the servers in the Oracle DataLens Server group. The system object returns Oracle DataLens Server objects. The Oracle DataLens Server objects are used to process and get information from a particular Oracle DataLens Server group.

Transform System Object

Public oTransformSystem As DataLensServices.TransformSystem

Getting the List of Available Servers

When this object is instantiated, the servers that are configured are made available.

' Create the System object
 Set oTransformSystem = New DataLensServices.TransformSystem     If oTransformSystem.IsError Then         m_sStatusTest = "Error creating DataLensServices.TransformSystem" & vbCrLf     End If        ' Load the configutation information from the system.cfg file    oTransformSystem.Load ("admin")        'Get the list of available servers    Dim arrServerNames    arrServerNames = oTransformSystem.names    Dim i As Integer    For i = 0 To UBound(arrServerNames)        Combo_SCS_servers.AddItem (arrServerNames(i))    Next

Manually Creating a Server Object

Sometimes it is not convenient to load a configuration file from a known location. In that case, the name of the server can be passed into the creation function.

Set oTransformServer = oTransformSystem.createDataServer(Text_url.Text, _
                                Text_port.Text, _
                                Text_code.Text, _
If oTransformServer.IsError Then
   RichTextBox_1.Text = "Error creatinDataLensServices.TransformServer" & vbCrLf
End If

Checking the Version of the COM Object

The version of the COM DLL can be checked to verify that an older or newer version is not being used.

Dim sDLLVersion As String
sDLLVersion = g_oTransformSystem.getVersion()
RichTextBox1.Text = "Initialized using SCS DLL Version " + sDLLVersion

Transform Server Object

Public TransformServer As DataLensServices.TransformServer

When a job is run against a particular Oracle DataLens Server, the DSA is always run on that particular server. The processing of the Transform Maps and data lenses may be done on any server in the same server group that the DSA is a member of. The Server decides which server to use based on the load on each server and automatically provides load balancing. For information on configuring each server to run particular types of maps or data lenses, see Oracle Enterprise Data Quality for Product Data Oracle DataLens Server Administration Guide.

Getting Server Information

Additional information can be obtained from the server configuration file such as the following.

Information Function Call
Server Name
Server Port
Server URL
Application Title
Name Filter
Map Filter
CFB Client code