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Sun Server X2-4 (formerly Sun Fire X4470 M2) Product Notes

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Updated: January 2018

Getting Updates From Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant or My Oracle Support

You can use Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant to easily download and then use the latest software release. For further information and download instructions, refer to the Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant 2.5 User's Guide for x86 Servers at http://www.oracle.com/pls/topic/lookup?ctx=hia.

You can also obtain updated firmware and software from the My Oracle Support web site at https://support.oracle.com. For instructions, see Download Firmware and Software Using My Oracle Support.

Download Firmware and Software Using My Oracle Support

  1. Navigate to the following web site: https://support.oracle.com.
  2. Sign in to My Oracle Support.
  3. Within the Search tab area, click Product or Family (Advanced).

    The Search tab area appears with search fields.

  4. In the Product field, select the product from the drop-down list.

    Alternatively, type a full or partial product name (for example, Sun Server X2-4) until a match appears.

  5. In the Release field, select a software release from the drop-down list.

    Expand the list to see all available software releases.

  6. Click Search.

    The Patch Advanced Search Results screen appears, listing the patches for the software release.

    See Software Releases for a description of the available downloads.

  7. To select a patch for a software release, click the patch number next to the software release version.

    You can use the Shift key to select more than one patch.

    A pop-up action panel appears. The panel contains several action options, including the ReadMe, Download, and Add to Plan options. For information about the Add to Plan option, click the associated button and select “Why use a plan?”.

  8. To review the ReadMe file for this patch, click ReadMe.
  9. To download the patch for the software release version, click Download.

    The File Download dialog box appears.

  10. In the File Download dialog box, click on the patch zip file.

    The patch for the software release version downloads.