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Sun Server X2-8 Product Documentation     Sun Server X2-8 (formerly Sun Fire X4800 M2) Documentation Library
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Hardware Installation

Communicating With Oracle ILOM and the System Console

Server Connections

About Oracle ILOM SP IP Addresses and the Oracle ILOM Interfaces

Determining the SP IP Address

How to Get the SP IP Address by Using the BIOS Setup Utility

How to Get the SP IP Address by Using a Serial Connection and the CLI

Connecting to Oracle ILOM

How to Connect to Oracle ILOM CLI Using the Serial Management Port

How to Connect to the Oracle ILOM CLI Using SSH

How to Connect to the Oracle ILOM Web Interface

Connecting to the System Console

How to Connect to the Server Locally (Physical Console)

How to Connect to the Host's Serial Console Using the Oracle ILOM Command-Line Interface

How to Connect Remotely Using the Oracle ILOM Web Interface

Operating System Installation

Administration, Diagnostics, and Service


How to Connect to Oracle ILOM CLI Using the Serial Management Port

Before You Begin

  1. Configure the terminal device or the terminal emulation software running on a laptop or PC to the following settings:
    • 8N1: eight data bits, no parity, one stop bit

    • 9600 baud

    • Disable hardware flow control (CTS/RTS)

    • Disable software flow control (XON/XOFF)

  2. Connect a serial cable from the SP SER MGT port to a terminal device.

    See Attaching Administration (SP) Cables for the location of the SER MGT port.

  3. Press Enter on the terminal device to establish a connection between that terminal device and the SP.

    The SP displays a login prompt. For example:

    SUNSP0003BA84D777 login:

  4. Log in to Oracle ILOM.
    1. Type the default user name: root.
    2. Type the default password: changeme.

      Once you have successfully logged in, the SP displays its default command prompt:


      You can now run CLI commands to configure Oracle ILOM for the server’s user accounts, network settings, access lists, alerts, and so on. For detailed instructions on CLI commands, see the Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Daily Management Web Procedures Guide.

      Note - To enable first-time login and access to Oracle ILOM, a default Administrator account and its password are provided with the system. To build a secure environment and enforce user authentication and authorization in Oracle ILOM, you must change the default password (changeme) for the default Administrator account (root) after your initial login to Oracle ILOM. If this default Administrator account has since been changed, contact your system administrator for an Oracle ILOM user account with Administrator privileges.