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Packages that use IDataStore
oracle.odi.domain.model This package contains the Oracle Data Integrator Data Model domain implementation. 
oracle.odi.domain.project This package contains the Oracle Data Integrator Project implementation. 
oracle.odi.domain.project.interfaces This package contains Oracle Data Integrator Interface implementation. 
oracle.odi.domain.relational Provides classes related to relational structures. 
oracle.odi.interfaces.interactive Provides interfaces for interactive handling of Oracle Data Integrator interfaces. This package contains the Oracle Data Integrator interface action implementation classes Classes in this package allow modification to the ODI interface object, when used in conjunction with the helper class. This package contains the implementations for computing the default alias of objects when working with Oracle Data Integrator interfaces. This package contains the implementations, when working with Oracle Data Integrator interfaces, for defining the matching policy to reuse mappings when the target datastore of an interface is changed. 

Uses of IDataStore in oracle.odi.domain.model

Classes in oracle.odi.domain.model that implement IDataStore
 class OdiDataStore
          An OdiDataStore represents a two-dimensional tabular data structure, generally a database table structure.

Uses of IDataStore in oracle.odi.domain.project

Classes in oracle.odi.domain.project that implement IDataStore
 class OdiInterface.TargetDataStore
          Represents the target datastore of the interface, which may be either a temporary datastore or an underlying existing OdiDataStore defined in an OdiModel.
It is located on an OdiLogicalSchema, which is either deduced from the underlying OdiDataStore or either shared with the Staging Area for a temporary datastore.
It contains TargetColumns which are either the mirror of existing OdiColumns from the underlying OdiDataStore, or either temporary target columns.

Uses of IDataStore in oracle.odi.domain.project.interfaces

Classes in oracle.odi.domain.project.interfaces that implement IDataStore
 class SourceDataStore
          A class that represents a OdiDataStore object that is used as a source in an ODI interface.

Methods in oracle.odi.domain.project.interfaces that return IDataStore
 IDataStore<? extends IColumn,? extends IKey> SourceDataStore.getUnderlyingDataStore()
          Returns an IDataStore corresponding to the underlying DataStore of the source table.
If this SourceDataStore was created using an OdiDataStore, this method returns this OdiDataStore.
If this SourceDataStore was created using an OdiInterface, this method returns the OdiInterface.TargetDataStore of this OdiInterface.

Uses of IDataStore in oracle.odi.domain.relational

Classes in oracle.odi.domain.relational with type parameters of type IDataStore
 interface IColumn<DataStoreType extends IDataStore<?,?>>
          Defines basic contract for a column.

Methods in oracle.odi.domain.relational that return IDataStore
 IDataStore<?,?> ColumnNotFoundException.getDataStore()
          Obtains the data store.

Constructors in oracle.odi.domain.relational with parameters of type IDataStore
ColumnNotFoundException(java.lang.String pColumnName, IDataStore<?,?> pDataStore)
          Construct a new ColumnNotFoundException.

Uses of IDataStore in oracle.odi.interfaces.interactive

Methods in oracle.odi.interfaces.interactive with parameters of type IDataStore
 java.lang.String IAliasComputer.computeAliasForDataStore(IDataStore<?,?> pDataStore, DataSet pDataSet)
          Computes the alias name for a source or target data store.
 IColumn<?> IMappingMatchPolicy.getNewColumnForTargetColumn(TargetColumn pTargetColumn, IDataStore<?,?> pNewTargetDataStore)
          Returns the new column in the new target data store that can be matched to the original target column.

Uses of IDataStore in

Methods in that return IDataStore
 IDataStore InterfaceActionAddSourceDataStore.getDataStore()
          Get the underlying data store instance.

Methods in with parameters of type IDataStore
 IColumn<?> InterfaceActionOnTargetDataStoreToTemporary.MappingMatchPolicy.getNewColumnForTargetColumn(TargetColumn pTargetColumn, IDataStore<?,?> pNewTargetDataStore)
          Returns the new column for target column value.

Constructors in with parameters of type IDataStore
InterfaceActionAddSourceDataStore(IDataStore pDataStore, DataSet pDataSet, IAliasComputer pAliasComputer, IClauseImporter pClauseImporter, IAutoMappingComputer pAutoMappingComputer)
          Constructor to create the source data store creator class.

Uses of IDataStore in

Methods in with parameters of type IDataStore
 java.lang.String AliasComputerDoubleChecker.computeAliasForDataStore(IDataStore<?,?> pDataStore, DataSet pDataSet)
 java.lang.String AliasComputerFixed.computeAliasForDataStore(IDataStore<?,?> pDataStore, DataSet pDataSet)
 java.lang.String BasicAliasComputer.computeAliasForDataStore(IDataStore<?,?> pDataStore, DataSet pDataSet)
          This implementation bases the alias computation on the value of OdiDataStore.getDefaultAlias() or the name of the OdiInterface.TargetDataStore if pDataStore is a OdiInterface.TargetDataStore.

Uses of IDataStore in

Methods in with parameters of type IDataStore
 IColumn MappingMatchPolicyLazy.getNewColumnForTargetColumn(TargetColumn pTargetColumn, IDataStore pNewTargetDataStore)
          Returns null, disabling column matching.
 IColumn<?> MappingMatchPolicyColumnName.getNewColumnForTargetColumn(TargetColumn pTargetColumn, IDataStore<?,?> pNewTargetDataStore)

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