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Netra SPARC T3-1B Server Module

Product Notes


Feedback Contents

1. General Information

Identifying the Netra Chassis Models

‘Supported Modular Components

Supported Versions of Oracle Solaris OS, Firmware, and Software

Patch Information

procedure iconsmall spaceAccess OS, Patch, and Firmware Updates

Power Calculator

Oracle Solaris OS Has Changed How It Specifies Logical Device Names

Oracle Solaris Jumpstart Example

Interactive Installation Example

2. Late-Breaking Information

Hardware Issues

Time Changes After System Reset (CR7127740)

Server Module Might Panic During Hot-Plugging of the 10GbE Dual Port SFP+ ExpressModule (CR 6974235)

Replace Faulty DIMMs With Uncorrectable Errors as Soon as Possible (CR 6996144)

Not Oracle Certified DIMM Warning Message (CR 7034912)

System Firmware Issues

Link Width x8 Link Speed GEN1 Warning Displayed During Power Up (CR 6958263)

Oracle ILOM Issues

picld Messages Logged (CR 6992903)

Oracle Solaris Issues

prtdiag Labels the Server Module Serial Number as the Chassis Serial Number (CR 6669159)

Oracle VTS disktest Might Fail on USB Devices (CR 6873719)

False nxge Warning Messages (CR 6938085)

fault.memory.memlink-uc Interconnect Fault Did Not Cause Panic as Stated by Knowledge Article (CR 6940599)

Degraded Network Performance When Using Sun Dual 10GbE PCIe EMs (CR 6943558)

unsupported port mode Messages Logged (CR 6962912)

Spurious Interrupt Message in System Console (CR 6963563)

Spurious Error Message During Initial Oracle Solaris OS Installation (CR 6971896)

Hot-Plug Removal of PCIe EMs Might Generate devfsadmd Errors (CR 6973637)

Error Report Event (ereport) Not Generated for a Degraded Service Processor (CR 6978171)

False Error Report Events (ereport) Generated When System Is Booted With a Degraded Service Processor (CR 6981297)

Oracle Enterprise Manager Process Hangs and Becomes Unkillable (CR 6994300)

nxge Driver Not Loaded (CR 6995458)

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