3.2 Creating a Role


Only domain administrators can perform this procedure.

Use the following procedure to create a role:

  1. Click the Roles tab to reveal the Roles page.

  2. Click the New Role icon.

  3. Complete the Create Role wizard, noting the following:

    • The name given to the role can be changed later without invalidating the use of the role in the places where it is used.

    • The description will appear in other parts of Oracle IRM Server when roles are being chosen for particular uses, so it is recommended that you make the description as helpful as possible.

    • The default language is set on the Control Console. See Section 1.3.2, "Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console".

    • For global enterprises, use the Translations page to create multi-language names and descriptions of the role. If the New Translation icon is not available, translation support has not been set up on the Control Console. See Section 1.3.2, "Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console".

    • Use the Features page to assign features to the role. A role must contain at least one of these features: open, seal, reseal, search. Features control what users can do with documents. A description of each feature appears in the Details section as you select each item in the Available list or the Selected list. A full list of features and their descriptions is available in Section A.1, "Features and Constraints Mapped to Oracle IRM Desktop Rights". Select the Audit Use checkbox if you want to record the use of this role.

    • Use the Constraints page to set whether documents can be accessed when there is no connection to Oracle IRM Server, how often rights are refreshed, the time periods during which documents are available, whether only specific documents can be accessed, and whether sealed content can be exported.

    • Use the Review page to review all the attributes that will be assigned to the new role. If there are any attributes that you want to change, use the Back button to return to previous pages and make the required changes.

    • When you are satisfied with the attributes on the Review page, create the new role by clicking Finish.

The new role appears in the Name column in the left panel.