2.2 Creating Domain Administrators, Domain Managers, and Inspectors


Only domain administrators can perform this procedure.

This procedure requires access to the external directory of users that was referenced during installation of Oracle IRM Server. See Section 1.2, "Access to User Details".

The first user to log in to the Control Console (see Section 1.3.2, "Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console") is made a domain administrator.

Use the following procedure to create a domain administrator, a domain manager, or an inspector.

  1. Click the Domain tab to reveal the Domain page.

  2. Click the Administrators tab.

  3. Click the New Administrator icon to open the New Administrator dialog.

  4. In the Administrator Type box, select the type of administrator to create.

  5. In the Search box, enter part of the name of a known user, then click the Search button. Alternately, to generate a list of available users, leave the box blank and click the Search button.

    The available users are shown in the Available Users box. Selecting an item in the Available Users box will reveal its details in the Details area.

  6. Move the user that is to be assigned as an administrator to the Selected box.

  7. To assign the user to be an administrator of the type shown in the Administrator Type box, click OK.


If you want a user to be more than one administrator type, repeat the above procedure, selecting a different administrator type in step 4.