7.2 Generating a Report


Only context managers and inspectors can perform this procedure.

Use the following procedure to generate a report:

  1. Click the Reports tab to reveal the Reports page.

  2. Use the left panel of the Reports page to specify the search criteria for the report, noting the following:

    • To include records for one or more known users, enter the names of the users directly in the Users box, separating each name with a semicolon. If you enter a name for a user who has changed name, you will see only records relating to the name that you entered.

    • To search for users, click the Search button to open the Search Users dialog, click the Search User icon next to the Search box, check the boxes next to the users that you want to include, select the Move icon, then select OK.

    • To include records for one document, enter that document's name in the Document Name box.

    • To limit records to a few documents, click the Add Documents button to open a dialog through which you can find a document and add it to the Document Name list. Repeat this procedure for each document.

    • If you want to constrain the records used to a specified time period, enter the start date and end date of the period. You can type the dates in, or you can open a calendar from which you can select a date.

  3. To generate the report, click Generate Report.

The results are shown on the right panel. See Table 7-1, "Report Results".

Table 7-1 Report Results

Report column Description


The Oracle IRM feature that was used or that an attempt was made to use. The following features are audited: open, seal, reseal, print, print to file, save unsealed.

"Features" correspond to Oracle IRM Desktop "rights". See Section A.1, "Features and Constraints Mapped to Oracle IRM Desktop Rights".


The account name of the user who used or attempted to use the feature.


Whether the attempt to use the feature was successful (SUCCESS) or whether it failed (FAILURE).


The context in which the feature was used.

Item Code

The identifier of the document for which the feature was used.


The date and time at which the feature was used.


The document for which the feature was used, in its location.

Device Name

The name of the device hosting the document for which the feature was used.