9.4 Setting Up Test Content for Oracle IRM

Oracle IRM provides a facility for users to test their connection to an Oracle IRM Server. The test facility will let the user see an example of sealed content if the test is successful. The user makes this test from the Test page of the Oracle IRM user web site (or an equivalent custom web site, if one has been set up).

You can use the Oracle IRM pages on the Control Console to determine what content is available for particular languages. You can specify more than one content file and file type for each language.

Use this procedure to set up content that will be sealed and passed to client installations when a user successfully activates the test facility.

The test content is sealed when downloaded from the web site. Any authorized end user has access to test content: each gets an open right with a relative-to-request time constraint that expires the right two minutes after opening content.

To set up test content for Oracle IRM:

  1. In the browser panel, find and select IRM.

  2. In the toolbar, select the IRM menu, select Administration, and select Test Content.

  3. To add new test content, click the Add icon. This opens the Add Content dialog.

  4. In the Content URL box, enter the URL for the test content that you want shown to the user.

    The test content should be unsealed at this point: it will be sealed by the server at the appropriate time.

    The URL has to be accessible to the Oracle IRM J2EE server. This would typically be a file:/// or http:// URL. For example:


  5. Click the Add Language button.

  6. Select a language from the drop-down box in the Languages column.

  7. In the Label box, enter text that will identify the test content.

  8. To complete the setup, click OK.