6.3 Modifying a Right


Only context managers can perform this procedure.

Use the following procedure to modify a right:

  1. Click the Contexts tab to reveal the Contexts page.

  2. On the left panel of the Contexts page, select the context in which the right exists.

  3. On the right panel of the Contexts page, select the Rights tab.

  4. Select the user or group whose right you want to change.

    You can select multiple users or groups, in which case you will be applying the same change to all selected users or groups.

    If the user of a right is shown as "Not found", the user has become unavailable on the external identity store. See Section 1.2, "Access to User Details".

  5. Click the Edit button.

  6. On the Edit Role Assignment dialog, click the Role tab.

  7. From the Assigned Role drop-down list, select a new role to be assigned to the user or group.

    If multiple users or groups were selected on the Rights tab, the new role selected here will apply to all the selected users or groups.

  8. To save the change and modify the right, click OK.