Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle TopLink
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Interface ASMifiable

All Known Implementing Classes:
ASMAnnotationDefaultAttribute, ASMEnclosingMethodAttribute, ASMLocalVariableTypeTableAttribute, ASMRuntimeInvisibleAnnotations, ASMRuntimeInvisibleParameterAnnotations, ASMRuntimeVisibleAnnotations, ASMRuntimeVisibleParameterAnnotations, ASMSignatureAttribute, ASMSourceDebugExtensionAttribute, ASMStackMapAttribute

public interface ASMifiable

An attribute that can print the ASM code to create an equivalent attribute. Implementation should print the ASM code that generates attribute data structures for current attribute state.

Method Summary
 void asmify(java.lang.StringBuffer buf, java.lang.String varName, java.util.Map labelNames)
          Prints the ASM code to create an attribute equal to this attribute.

Method Detail


void asmify(java.lang.StringBuffer buf,
            java.lang.String varName,
            java.util.Map labelNames)
Prints the ASM code to create an attribute equal to this attribute.

buf - A buffer used for printing Java code.
varName - name of the variable in a printed code used to store attribute instance.
labelNames - map of label instances to their names.

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