Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle TopLink
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Class DirectToFieldMapping

  extended by oracle.toplink.mappings.DatabaseMapping
      extended by
          extended by oracle.toplink.mappings.DirectToFieldMapping
All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Cloneable, oracle.toplink.mappings.RelationalMapping
Direct Known Subclasses:
DirectToXMLTypeMapping, ObjectTypeMapping, SerializedObjectMapping, TypeConversionMapping

public class DirectToFieldMapping
extends AbstractDirectMapping
implements oracle.toplink.mappings.RelationalMapping

Purpose: Maps an attribute to the corresponding database field type. The list of field types that are supported by TopLink's direct to field mapping is dependent on the relational database being used. A converter can be used to convert between the object and data type if they do not match.

TopLink/Java 1.0
See Also:
Converter, ObjectTypeConverter, TypeConversionConverter, SerializedObjectConverter, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
          Default constructor.
Method Summary
 void setFieldName(java.lang.String FieldName)
          Set the field name in the mapping.
Methods inherited from class
getAttributeClassification, getConverter, getFieldClassification, getFieldName, getNullValue, hasConverter, isMutable, setAttributeClassification, setConverter, setConverterClassName, setField, setFieldClassification, setFieldType, setIsMutable, setNullValue
Methods inherited from class oracle.toplink.mappings.DatabaseMapping
getAttributeAccessor, getAttributeName, getGetMethodName, getProperty, getReferenceDescriptor, getSetMethodName, isLazy, isOptional, isUsingMethodAccess, readOnly, readWrite, setAttributeAccessor, setAttributeName, setGetMethodName, setIsLazy, setIsOptional, setIsReadOnly, setProperty, setSetMethodName, setWeight, simpleAddToCollectionChangeRecord, simpleRemoveFromCollectionChangeRecord
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Constructor Detail


public DirectToFieldMapping()
Default constructor.

Method Detail


public void setFieldName(java.lang.String FieldName)
Set the field name in the mapping.

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