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Interface Connector

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AQEISConnectionSpec, AttunityConnectionSpec, BlackboxConnectionSpec, DefaultConnector, DirectConnector, EISConnectionSpec, JMSEISConnectionSpec, JNDIConnector, MQConnectionSpec, OracleJDBC10_1_0_2ProxyConnector, OracleOCIProxyConnector, XMLFileEISConnectionSpec

public interface Connector
extends, java.lang.Cloneable

Purpose: Define an interface for supplying TopLink with a Connection to a JDBC database.

Description: This interface defines the methods to be implemented that allow TopLink to acquire a Connection to a JDBC database. There are only 2 methods that need to be implemented:

java.sql.Connection connect(java.util.Properties properties)
void toString( writer)
Once these methods have been implemented, an instance of the new Connector can be passed to a JDBCLogin at startup. For example:
session.getLogin().setConnector(new FooConnector());

TOPLink/Java 2.1
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