Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle TopLink
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Class DMSPerformanceProfiler

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Cloneable, SessionProfiler

public class DMSPerformanceProfiler
extends java.lang.Object
implements, java.lang.Cloneable, SessionProfiler

Purpose: Define the interface of TopLink profiler for using DMS gate.

Description: A mechanism used to provide a link for TopLink performance profiling by using the DMS tool. The predefined TopLink metrics will be monitored by using DMS sensors. TopLink library instrumentation will be done by inserting DMS calls for the purpose of measuring its performance


TopLink 10.1.3
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Field Summary
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ALL, AssignSequence, CACHE, CachedObjects, CacheHits, CacheMisses, CacheNounType, Caching, ChangeSetsNotProcessed, ChangeSetsProcessed, ClientSessionCreated, CONNECT, ConnectionInUse, ConnectionManagement, ConnectionNounType, ConnectionPing, DatabaseExecute, DeletedObject, DescriptorEvent, DistributedMerge, DistributedMergeDmsDisplayName, HEAVY, JtsAfterCompletion, JtsBeforeCompletion, Logging, LoggingDMSDisPlayName, LoginTime, Merge, MergeTime, MiscellaneousNounType, NONE, NORMAL, OBJECT_BUILDING, ObjectBuilding, OptimisticLockException, QUERY_PREPARE, QueryNounType, QueryPreparation, RcmNounType, RcmReceived, RcmSent, RcmStatus, Register, RemoteChangeSet, ROW_FETCH, RowFetch, Sequencing, SessionEvent, SessionName, SessionNounType, SQL_GENERATION, SQL_PREPARE, SqlGeneration, SqlPrepare, STATEMENT_EXECUTE, TlConnects, TlDisconnects, TopLinkRootNoun, TRANSACTION, TransactionNounType, UnitOfWorkRegister, UowCommit, UowCreated, UowRollbacks, Wrapping
Constructor Summary
          Create a new dms profiler.
DMSPerformanceProfiler(Session session)
          Create a new dms profiler.
Method Summary
 oracle.toplink.internal.sessions.AbstractSession getSession()
 java.lang.String getSessionName()
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Constructor Detail


public DMSPerformanceProfiler()
Create a new dms profiler. The profiler can be registered with a session to log performance information.


public DMSPerformanceProfiler(Session session)
Create a new dms profiler. The profiler can be registered with a session to log performance information.

Method Detail


public oracle.toplink.internal.sessions.AbstractSession getSession()


public java.lang.String getSessionName()

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