Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle TopLink
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Class AbstractTransactionController

  extended by oracle.toplink.transaction.AbstractTransactionController
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public abstract class AbstractTransactionController
extends java.lang.Object
implements ExternalTransactionController

Purpose: Abstract implementation of an ExternalTransactionController.

Description: This class implements the ExternalTransactionController interface. Concrete implementations of this class are responsible for performing the coordination with the external transaction manager through whatever means available to that manager. Different transaction services may do this in slightly different ways, but most common ones (JTA and JTS/OTS) will use a synchronization interface.

See Also:
AbstractSynchronizationListener, ExternalTransactionController

Method Summary
 java.lang.Object jndiLookup(java.lang.String jndiName)
          Look up a given name in JNDI.
 void logTxStateTrace(oracle.toplink.internal.sessions.AbstractSession session, java.lang.String msgInd, java.lang.Object status)
 void logTxTrace(oracle.toplink.internal.sessions.AbstractSession session, java.lang.String msgInd, java.lang.Object[] args)
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Method Detail


public java.lang.Object jndiLookup(java.lang.String jndiName)
Look up a given name in JNDI. This can be used by a subclass or even an application to look up transaction artifacts that are required for the implementation.

The lookup assumes that it is taking place on the server side, and that the InitialContext can be used without requiring any special properties.

jndiName - The name to look up
The object bound in JNDI to the specified name
TransactionException - Thrown in case of lookup failure


public void logTxTrace(oracle.toplink.internal.sessions.AbstractSession session,
                       java.lang.String msgInd,
                       java.lang.Object[] args)


public void logTxStateTrace(oracle.toplink.internal.sessions.AbstractSession session,
                            java.lang.String msgInd,
                            java.lang.Object status)

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