Oracle Fusion Middleware User Messaging Service Java API Reference

Package oracle.sdp.messaging.driver

Interface Summary
DriverConnection The Messaging driver dispatcher (or Messaging engine) facing driver connection interface.
DriverConnectionFactory DriverConnectionFactory provides a client interface for getting connections to an external messaging gateway.
DriverContext Context info passed to Driver.
DriverManagedConnection This interface extends the JCA SPI ManagedConnection and the Client facing DriverConnection interface to provide a single interface that driver providers can implement to create a container managed connection.
DriverMetaData The driver meta data interface.
DriverResourceAdapter This interface defines the specification for a Driver RA implementation.
MessageListener The driver message listener interface.
Status Status allows a driver to report the delivery status of a sent message.
WorkingStateListener Driver Working State listener.

Class Summary
DriverActivationSpec Driver Activation Spec, basic implementation.
DriverManagedConnectionBase Base implementation of the DriverManagedConnection interface.
DriverManagedConnectionFactoryBase Base implementation of the DriverManagedConnectionFactory interface.
DriverResourceAdapterBase Base class for a Driver's ResourceAdapter implementation.
StatusFactory Status Factory available to drivers to create Status objects.

Enum Summary
CancelResultType Enumeration of Cancel Result types.
CapabilityType Enumeration of Driver capability types.
DriverConfigPropertyNames Enumeration of required driver configuration properties to be provided by all driver resource adapters.
DriverExceptionType Enumeration of Driver Exception types.

Exception Summary
DriverException Messaging Driver Exception.

Oracle Fusion Middleware User Messaging Service Java API Reference

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