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Interface CreateApiOp

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public interface CreateApiOp
extends APIOperation

Add a new ConnectorObject to the target system or application.

Field Summary


Fields inherited from interface org.identityconnectors.framework.api.operations.APIOperation


Method Summary
 Uid create(ObjectClass oclass, java.util.Set<Attribute> attrs, OperationOptions options)
          Create a target object based on the specified attributes.


Method Detail


Uid create(ObjectClass oclass,
           java.util.Set<Attribute> attrs,
           OperationOptions options)
Create a target object based on the specified attributes. The Connector framework always requires attribute ObjectClass. The Connector itself may require additional attributes. The API will confirm that the set contains the ObjectClass attribute and that no two attributes in the set have the same name.
attrs - includes all the attributes necessary to create the target object (including the ObjectClass attribute).
options - additional options that impact the way this operation is run. May be null.
the unique id for the object that is created. For instance in LDAP this would be the 'dn', for a database this would be the primary key, and for 'ActiveDirectory' this would be the GUID.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - iff ObjectClass is missing or elements of the set produce duplicate values of Attribute.getName().
java.lang.NullPointerException - iff the parameter attrs is null.
java.lang.RuntimeException - iff the Connector SPI throws a native Exception.

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